The S.T.O.R.Y. Production Program to 4X Your Sales for Business Owners and Franchisees

Unleash the Power of Storytelling to Improve Your Brand Awareness and Exposure, So You Can Increase Your Levels of Profitability and Finally Achieve Financial Freedom.

Who We Are?

We have been where you are. As entrepreneurs, we have always worked hard to achieve all that we’ve obtained in life and are consciously aware of the struggles of running a business. We have experienced the desperation and sadness of where you might be now, worrying how you can possibly make ends meet.

What we have learnt through our own struggles was that the success of a business is not based on how you sell your product or services, rather on how you develop, harness, and enhance the relationships you have with new and existing customers.

We discovered that using the power of words to tell our business story was the secret to engaging and enlisting the likes and trust of customers. It created an emotional bond between them and our business. Through years of experimentation, we have refined our process into a proprietary business-building technique that we call S.T.O.R.Y. that makes it foolproof for any business owner or franchisee to grow their sales by 4X.

We do not wish to see anyone struggle again like we did to keep our business running. So we have become “The Business Storytelling Coaches” and with top-notch Indie Producer David Phillips we provide all the resources you’ll need to tell your business story to the world and move past today’s struggles to finally enjoy the financial freedom you deserve.

Steve Baltzois holds multiple Degrees, Diplomas and Certifications in Education, Teaching, Psychology, Drama and Performing Arts, and has worked on many well-known small to large budget movies, films, theater performances and live events. David Phillips has a Bachelor of Administration with a major in Marketing from Griffith University and is certified in Film and Video Production from Sydney University receiving the accolade of Best Actor/Director of the year.

About Our Program


Who It Is For?

  1. Business owners who have experienced slumped sales since the pandemic.
  2. Franchisees who are struggling to make ends meet.
  3. Store owners who have no idea of how to get their business, product or service known in the market.
  4. Every business or franchise owner who wishes to achieve financial freedom.

Who It Is Not For?

  1. It is not for people who are managers or don’t have the authority to make financial decisions for their businesses.
  2. It is not for people under the age of 24 who have a planned idea of a business, however have not started it up.
  3. It is not for businesses that provide professional services (e.g. Medical Practitioners, Pharmacies, Lawyers, Accountants)
  4. It is not for people who are seeking business advice on how to be successful.
Module One

Taking the Sure Business Challenge


  • Discover the “truth” of what you believe is holding you back from having a successful business. 
  • Challenge your “belief” of what is working and not working so that you will be able to design a blueprint for 4X business growth.
  • Achieve clarity on the strategy you will need, to engage your paying customers.


In this module you will discover that the success of your business is not based on how you sell your product or service. It is about how you develop, harness and enhance the relationship with your new and existing customers. You’ll learn to challenge your beliefs so that you change your ‘WELTANSCHAUUNG’.

Module Two

Crafting Your Unique Brand Story


  • Expose the “meaning” behind your product/service so that you will be able to engage your customer without conversing with them.
  • Simulate the “flow” of the product/service process so that you will be able to tease an interest from potential customers
  • Create the “STORY” that will be shared of the product/service so that you will be able to validate, connect and emotionally charge.


In this module we’ll be tailor-making your brand story that will make you competitively unique in the eyes of your business prospects and allow you to overcome the obstacles that are now standing in the way of building the awareness and exposure you need to attract new customers.

Module Three

Creating Your Critical Shotlist


  • Identify the visuals for your brand that will create a ‘picture evokes a thousand meanings’.
  • Envision the elements of your brand that have the power to emotionally engage your client prospects in your story.
  • Learn how to choose a shotlist for your brand story that has the power to transition your client prospects from being a viewer to consumer to raving fan.


No matter what size business you have now, the power of storytelling through specific video shots can capture the attention and understanding of your target audience in under 5 minutes. When viewers watch a video, they retain 95% of the message, yet only 10% after reading written content. In this module you will identify the shotlist for your brand story that will typically increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 640%.

Module Four

Humanizing Your Brand Story


  • Humanize your story so that you will be able to increase your sales by 4X what you are currently doing.
  • Stimulate the “limbic system” of your customer prospects to create an emotional bond with your brand.
  • Put all the elements together to enhance your brand or product exposure and awareness.


The one thing all humans can relate to, is a story told by another. Through the combination of humanizing your story, your business, product or service is elevated to resonate with your new found audience, making it the natural choice for them to connect, understand what your product is about, what you stand for and become a buyer. That’s why the positive impact of storytelling is recognized as one of the seven universal languages.

Module Five

Scaling Your Business


  • Master the “BUZZ” so that you will be able to have lines of people wanting, needed and desiring more of what you have to offer.
  • Plan for business scaling that will be required to handle your 4X sales.
  • Transformation from the stress and struggle from trying to make ends meet to achieving financial freedom.


In this final module you will master the process for scaling your business to handle the increase in exposure for your brand, customer traffic, and 4X in sales and reach your financial goals.

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